Hire me as your CTO-on-rent to build your technical team and product while you focus on business.

I have a great idea but I'm not a coder. If only I have a technical guy to help me out.

In my day job, I work with some of the best engineers to build amazing products. I plan the roadmap and features, design user stories, apply Agile-Kanban methodology to build working releases, and get my developers to ship weekly. I realised, I could help people like you to get your MTP out fast, enough for you to demo a simple working product to raise some funds.

But people like me are hard to find, and you have no idea how to manage a technical team.

Here's how I can help.

Help me build a Minimum Testable Product

  • Day -3

    Email Elevator Pitch

    Fill up the form below and tell me your idea. Tell me what problem you're trying to solve, who has this problem, and how you plan to solve it. If I like it, we'll be in touch.

Please enter your name.
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  • Day -2

    Share Your Passion

    Now you add meat to your pitch. Get on Google Hangouts,  show me a deck, and present to me your idea in 5 minutes. I will be asking these FAQ so be prepared:

    Why are you building this?

    What is your background and do you have domain knowledge in your startup?

    Who does this product serve? What pain points does it solve? Are people willing to pay for this?

    Is this your day job?

    If not, what are you doing now and how much time are you committing a week to this project?

    Why me?

    This should take roughly 15 to 20 minutes. We then setup another meeting to discuss the technical details of your project.

  • Day -1

    Idea Validation

    This is where things get interesting. Get on Google Hangouts again and spend another 15 to 20 minutes with me. Show me a rough sketch or paper prototype. I'll be your sounding board so be prepared for a reality check. I'll let you know what works and what doesn't and I'll advise you how we'll go from here.

  • Day 0

    Requirements Gathering

    I've decided to work with you on your project. Let's meet on Google Hangouts or in person for about 90 minutes. We will discuss the project deliverables, scope of work and roles and responsibilities. Then we sign a contract. You can use my profile for your slide deck as your CTO. You focus on business. Leave the technical stuff to me and my team.

    Fee: SGD 365

  • Day 1 to 5

    User Stories Development

    Here's where the actual work starts. I adopt an Agile-Kanban methodology. The deliverables will be developed into User Stories for my team to digest into smaller functional pieces. It will go into a backlog and we'll check off the foundation cards first before moving over to the most important problem. The objective is to build a Minimum Testable Product (MTP). Unlike a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which is based on the Lean Startup Methodology, I am more interested in helping you start billing as soon as possible. Before we start work, you'll have to pay a 1-month deposit.

    Fee: SGD 6500

  • Day 6 to Day 90

    Development and Testing

    We endeavour to build a Minimum Testable Product within 3 months or less. Each week, we'll be producing shippable code and I'll be updating you on our progress over email once every 2 weeks. I'll let you know if we're on track or if we reached some road blocks and let you know what we're doing to solve the problem or if we need any other resources from you. Every week where possible, the product is tested with a pool of acquired users. You'll be paying us on a weekly basis after the minimum commitment of 1 month. If you wish to stop for any reason whatsoever, you can do so at any time after the 1-month commitment.

    Fee: SGD 1625 per week

  • D-Day


    With the help of our in-house PR, we'll time the launch of your product to your targeted audience. Start billing your customers!

    Fee: SGD 3000

Our commitment is no more than 3 months. The MTP will allow you enough time to pitch to angels and get some seed funding to build your own team and hire a full-time CTO to continue our work. We'll even use our network of VCs to give you an intro.

But what if you can't get a full-time CTO and build your own technical team? Can you use my team and me again? Yes, if you get your funding (or if you start to generate serious revenue you desperately need someone to take care of your product), we'll continue from there and restart your weekly payments for a minimum 6 to 12 month commitment depending on the situation.

Help me test my idea

I'll build a one-pager website describing your idea with a newsletter subscription CTA, linked to your Mailchimp account to help generate metrics to prove your idea's potential.

Fee: SGD 500

Help me build a corporate website

I'll build you a maximum 20-pager website in WordPress. It will be hand-coded based on a theme and paid stock images and videos. The site will be mobile-optimised and will be designed based on the Golden Circle philosophy.

Fee: From SGD 20,000

Help me hire a technical person

You cannot tell the difference between Java and Javascript. You have no idea what stack you should build on. And you have no idea how to evaluate candidates to fill your technical role.

So long as you have the budget to hire someone, I'll help provide the technical tests, perform the interviews and provide my recommendations.

Fee: SGD 200 per candidate

Ok. Help me please.

Tell me what you need. Fill up this form.

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