Singapore Prayer Places Locater 1.0 Beta Preview

I've finished coding SPPL version 1.0. This is the Beta which I completed in a matter of 3 or 4 days. This application allows the user to search for the nearest mosque or musolla from his specified location. If you're a forgetful klutz like I am, or get intimidated by tall buildings or is in a huff but is not familliar with the area and so have no idea where the nearest prayer place is, SPPL is for you! (God! I need a better name for this)



This application was created in Ruby on Rails, a web framework for the Ruby Programming Language. All the data here is accurate (at least for the mosque data as I pulled that out from Muis website), and it should not leave you surprised with a barren corner or land and no place to pray.

Where is it gonna be hosted? I'll let you guys know soon. At this point of time there aren't many web hosting companies in Singapore that provides Ruby on Rails support. So, seeing this live may take a little patience k. I hope though when it's ready and rocking, it'll be one of the most used apps in Singapore.

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