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The amazing people streets at Teacher’s Estate are named after

By Hazrul | Aug 29, 2017

The Teacher’s Estate is a private housing estate, named so because it was an area where government school teachers lived. This area have very interesting street names. All of the street names were named after an Asian philosopher and poet. In total, there are 7 historical figures that the roads were named after. Here’s a…

Malays represented as President, or a President that represents all?

By Hazrul | Sep 16, 2016

Several years ago I shared how the government would back a Malay candidate for President after Nathan. The 2011 PE was an all Tan affair. However, the recent EP Commission has made clear the government’s intention of a minority president from time to time. Traditionally, Speakers of Parliament would likely be proposed as presidential candidates.…

Opposition supporters

Why the opposition lost and why it is completely the fault of opposition supporters.

By Hazrul | Sep 30, 2015

Originally posted on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/abanghazrul/posts/10153302215987655 I know many people are expecting me to give an analysis. So here it is. But be warned, you will not like it. In March, I made a scarily accurate prediction of how GE2015 would turn out. For reference, see https://www.facebook.com/abanghazrul/posts/10152894622382655 While the dust settles and the opposition absorbs the results…

National Day – A celebration of what exactly?

By Hazrul | Aug 9, 2013

In order to build our future, we need to understand our past. Singapore never proclaimed independence from Malaysia, a territory it fought to unite with. On the other hand, the 9th of August was a result of PM Tunku Abdul Rahman’s convictions that the internal security of Malaysia required Singapore’s exit. PM Lee Kuan Yew…

Why Singapore’s media should be the backbone of local football

By Hazrul | Feb 27, 2013

The S.League has started and to be honest, I am concerned that the media has not stepped in and support the league. Sure, StarHub has been sponsoring the LionsXII and the League Cup. But why hasn’t MediaCorp or Singtel come in to throw their weight behind our national league? The first headlines propping the Straits…

Why Workers' Party won the Punggol East SMC By-Election

By Hazrul | Jan 27, 2013

The dust has settled over Punggol East SMC and the victors have been crowned. The Workers’ Party dominated the constituency, wrongly named, for the past 9 days and the people of Sengkang East who form the constituency of Punggol East SMC have given the mandate to Lee Li Lian of the Workers’ Party to represent…

Why proposed S.League changes will destroy itself

By Hazrul | Oct 12, 2012

The S.League have announced several radical changes with the perception that these measures will improve the league and contribute to the National Team’s quality. However, these proposals risk collapsing the S.League with millions in debt. Marquee Player Program The program intends to attract high profile foreign footballers to our shores in the hope of attracting…

The Singaporean Malaysia Cup disconnect syndrome

By Hazrul | Jan 10, 2012

  Today, Singapore marks its return to the Malaysian top leagues and historical Malaysia Cup. Many fans, including myself, have spoken to FAS president Zainudin Nordin, to return to Malaysian competitions in order to improve the state of local football. My joy to the eventual return couldn’t be any greater. I am overjoyed, I bought…

The truth behind Meritocracy, Malaysian Malaysia and Affirmative Action

By Hazrul | Nov 25, 2010

This is an entry I had intended to write much earlier during the public spat between Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir Muhammad after Lee commented how Malaysia’s race relations could be better if Singapore was not turfed out. Mahathir responded on his blog suggesting that the real racist is Lee. I only had time to…