Heart at Work.

Entrepreneurship anecdotes based on my personal philosophy and values.

Building a company with the right values

By Hazrul | Feb 5, 2017

To determine the company’s success, it’s not the technology or the team you assemble that matters most. Having built 4 businesses before and being part of 3 startups, my observations and experiences have made me discover that a company’s values are what will make a company successful. As an employee, one might not care about a…

Pricing Intelligently

By Hazrul | Nov 24, 2015

Pricing is the entire business. If you don’t get pricing right, your business will not make it. I’ve often been told, Hazrul – you are expensive. Perhaps I’ve worked with Chinese companies for quite long. I think it’s ridiculous to price lower just because I’m a Malay. It makes no sense. Why is there a…

Lessons to ensure success for mobile payments in SE Asia.

By Hazrul | Nov 1, 2015

A few years ago, I joined my friend’s company to build a mobile payments solution for in-app payments in games. We were pretty much pioneering that space in SE Asia and had at the time secured Series A funding from Singtel and Stream Global. However, eventually the company didn’t make it. Go down to the base…

My experience applying for MaGiC's MAP

By Hazrul | Sep 30, 2015

In May 2015, I applied to join MAP, an accelerator programme by MaGiC. A program to accelerate startups to be investment-ready in 4 months, and to build a strong ASEAN startup community by cultivating ASEAN relationships This was the first time I decided to apply for an accelerator and funding from VCs. We had to…

Bismillah. Changing the way the Muslim economy works.

By Hazrul | Apr 8, 2014

The Muslim World is often cited as the “3rd Next Billion market” after China and India. However, 80% of the Muslim World lives in abject poverty. In essence, while the 1.6 billion market is worth some US$1 trillion in 2011, the disparity within the have and the have-nots is far wider than ever. When I decided to…

Why I no longer fear competition

By Hazrul | Jun 2, 2010

As a businessman, I’ve been astute and some might say, ruthless, in my pursuit to be the best in my industry. Every business person with the aspirations of being successful know that the point of business is to be better than your competition. So from day 1, I weeded out my competition with much ease,…

A comparison between a sinking mid-sized firm, and a growing small enterprise

By Hazrul | Feb 21, 2008

I gave my hellos to an ex-colleague of mine over MSN. After serving years at our former workplace, my friend moved to greener pastures. Never regretted it. And for me, leaving that !@#!@$ place was the best thing to ever happen to me.