HalalOnClick, a halal food delivery service in Singapore.


The first in our installations of tech startups in the Muslim world, halalonclick.com was created and founded by Muslims living in Singapore, a non-Muslim country. We stumbled across this gem from one of our friend's Facebook postings, and while its start has been small and quiet, its potential to rock the halal food landscape is massive.


Unlike other consolidated halal dining initiatives in Singapore, this was going to be a hit. Imagine Ramadan, with no time to cook. And iftar is just hours away. Enter halalonclick.com. The holy month of Ramadan is almost 2 months away, and I foresee business to boom. That is, if they can keep up with the orders. From what I see, there's a supply-chain issue (emphasis mine), and they do need to ensure partners (that's what they call the halal stalls partnering with them), can fulfil the online orders during the peak periods of Ramadan. This will be a test of their feats, but since the delivery range is at present, limited to the west of Singapore, there is a lot of opportunities to improve and tweak this potential problem in the supply-chain before the stress test comes.

The other component, extremely fundamental to their business are the riders. The people responsible for delivering the food to your doorstep within reasonable time. This is at the mercy of the partners themselves, and food preparation needs to be prompt. But often, rider promptness is attributed to external factors such as road conditions and weather conditions. Rainy weather often hampers delivery promptness and for many delivery services here, bad weather typically also means no deliveries. Delivery satisfaction can be represented by this equation:

delivery satisfaction = food preparation speed + delivery timeliness + road conditions + weather conditions

Admittedly, a food delivery service is a challenging business fraught with uncontrollable factors. The only way to solve these is with technology.

When asked about this, they said that they're investing in ramping up resources to communicate potential problems with customers. At present, they are already providing online chat support during business hours, and provide customers with phone and sms notifications to keep them abreast with their orders. Typically, their delivery response is within 30 to 45 minutes, well under an hour. There are a few cases where orders reach the customer earlier, but typically, orders arrive within the advised time.

Secondly, riders are equipped with Android apps that receive order notifications in real-time. When an order is made, the rider-on-duty gets notified, and is able to communicate to the hawker stall and place the order. This component in their business setup is impressive, and much of their business infra appears to be set with remote working in mind. In fact, they are able to monitor orders directly within their website's dashboard, and can access it anywhere. It seems that there are many best practices they have implemented for the office-less business.


Quick Facts about Halalonclick.com

  • There is no minimum delivery amount and a $5 flat delivery fee is charged, but if your order is less than $12, an additional $3 premium is added to the delivery fee.
  • Halalonclick.com allows you to order anytime of the day but deliveries are only available between 11am to 9pm everyday.
  • None of the founders are IT-trained.
  • It took them 3 months to build the portal, with most things done by the founders and some of the components outsourced to 3rd party developers.
  • The idea took serious discussions in October 2013 and onwards. They started up in January 2014, and launched HalalOnClick.com on 31 March 2014.
  • At the moment, the delivery range is to Bukit Batok, Chua Chu Kang, Hillview and Bukit Gombak.


This e-interview was conducted over Facebook and email.


1. What is HalalOnClick and why did you create it? 

HOC is a food delivery provider created by our company, KhushBush Pte Ltd. We provide delivery services from local coffee shops’ food to everyone, be it in offices or homes.


As Singaporeans, our lifestyle is hectic. More often than not, we resort to fast food deliveries to satiate our hunger. It’s time for a change – away with fast food, let’s dine in comfort to our local favourites.


2. How long did it take to build your site?

It took months of intensive planning (from October 2013). In fact, none of us are IT-trained. We had nothing but an idea and that wasn’t good enough. We wanted it living and breathing as we do.

So, we buried ourselves in books, consulted professionals’ advices, sketched the layouts, drafted the processes, tested it out and re-drafted. Lo and behold! – HOC.


The business was registered in January 2014 and the portal was launched just 3 months later. (editor's note: Not bad for non-technical people)


3. How many F&B partners do you currently work with and how can others join you?

Currently, we are working very closely with five stalls (partners) in Bukit Batok. We would like to thank them immensely for their willingness to participate.

For others to join, our doors are always open. As long as the food’s good, halal and you’re looking for extra revenues, we are just a phone call away at +65 6908 5001. Alternatively, you can email us at hello@halalonclick.com . Also, if you happen to know of any coffee shops with amazing food, do recommend it to us. We would love to check it out.


4.  When did you launch and how many users do you have now?

We (the portal) launched on 31st March 2014. Alhamdullilah, currently we are delivering approximately 11 dishes per day.


5. What kind of technology is involved?

WordPress – it’s simple and flexible (editor's note: Any business can start an e-commerce store with rezkii.com). We’ve adapted the system to suit our e-commerce needs and got it operational. We’ve also developed a riders’ app and successfully integrated it into to our system.

Any customer’s order via the website will be redirected to our riders on standby within 2-3 minutes. The rest of the ordering process is history.


6. When will you deliver to other parts of Singapore?

God-willing, we plan to expand our coverage beyond the west borders and move into the central and east areas within the next two years. On a side note, we are interested to know: “Where would you like your food delivered?”



7. Any thoughts on expanding to Malaysia and beyond?

Definitely. We hope to set sail to neighbouring countries and beyond in the near future. It would be our proudest achievement to be able to replicate our homegrown brand into the regional and international market, bringing awesome halal food to our customers.

Please make du’a for us.


8. Do you plan to expand your team in the coming months?

Yes, we do. As we expand our coverage, we need our HOC family to grow in order to fulfil the increasing demands. In fact, we are looking for more potential riders who are willing to work with us in the next few years.


9. Could you share with us your founders’ biodata?

Our HOC family is headed by three sahabah (best friends): Muhammad Hadi, Muhammad Haziq and Mohammad Fauzul.

Muhammad Hadi is the CEO of KhushBush Pte Ltd. Graduated with a degree in Pharmaceutical Management and married to a lovely wife, he decided to endeavour into the world of business and finally found his passion in the food delivery business. Together with his two directors, it took three to make the right click and HOC became the baby project of KhushBush.

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