Friday at a quaint little mosque in Eunos

I find that I know so little about Singapore and it's hidden finds. Last Friday, I had my Friday prayers in a little known mosque hidden deep inside the private estates of Eunos. Masjid Al Abdul Razak appears to be a mosque of much history, with a architecture that resembles Yemeni/Saudi culture fused with less modern materials like zinc for a rustic, kampong feel.

Masjid Al Abdul Razak, a priceless heritage

For a short moment, I felt as if I was transferred to Malaysia, with all its signs written in Malay, and with its hard carpet, and pin board bearing the names of imams who are tasked to lead the month's Friday prayers.

While doing a little googling, I found that the mosque was wikied in Wikipedia, elaborating some of its history. Built in 1965, the mosque served the well-to-do Malays of the private estate in Eunos. It's built on wakaf land which explains its remoteness, and its inherited name. Al Abdul Razak is probably the name of the person, this tiny mosque serving a maximum capacity of 300 worshippers, is named after. Although I have no idea who this person is, and little can be found through googling the Internet.

A part of me wonders if this mosque was named after the late Tun Abdul Razak, the second prime minister of Malaysia. Afterall, he had spent some time studying in Singapore at Raffles College.

If you know anything about the history of this mosque, do leave a comment on this blog. I'd like to know more.

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