Deen & Dunia - Designing bright Muslim professionals by Brothers of NUS

Venue: LT33 @ S17

The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) was asked what type of earning was best, and he replied, “A man’s work with his hands and every (lawful) business transaction.”

Entrepreneurs play an important role in our society, especially if one were to go back to the times of the Sahabahs and the Golden Age of Islam. However, in today’s day and age, being an entrepreneur, especially for a Muslim, is rarely an option when looking at a career path.

The second chapter of Deen & Dunia hopes to inspire young emerging entrepreneurs from within the Muslim community in Singapore. We will be inviting distinguished panellists to share their experiences in the business world as well as answering the common queries on entrepreneurship.

This event is open to all of our Muslim brothers who are keen to know more about entrepreneurship and Islam and how they go together hand in hand. We will hear perspectives from a fellow student who is currently managing a start-up while juggling his studies, to a very accomplished and well respected entrepreneur who was an NUS alumni himself.

Do invite your fellow friends and family members so that they may benefit as well. The location for the event will be confirmed at a later date. Do also RSVP to our FB event page. We hope to see you there insyaAllah!

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