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How to redirect everything to a new domain except root page and WP directories for WordPress sites

By Hazrul | Jun 27, 2018

If you ever run a WordPress site that was going to be decomissioned, and you needed to redirect everything to the new domain running a non-WordPress site to the new domain’s root page, but you do not want to redirect the root page of your old domain and any WordPress directories, spare 2 hours of…

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The amazing people streets at Teacher’s Estate are named after

By Hazrul | Aug 29, 2017

The Teacher’s Estate is a private housing estate, named so because it was an area where government school teachers lived. This area have very interesting street names. All of the street names were named after an Asian philosopher and poet. In total, there are 7 historical figures that the roads were named after. Here’s a…

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Solution to when none of your Mac accounts work and you can’t login to your computer

By Hazrul | Aug 29, 2017

So I had a very peculiar problem yesterday when I had to setup a Mac for a new user. The only problem was, I could not login to the admin account. That was strange. We provision accounts remotely using JumpCloud, allowing user credentials to be provisioned to individual systems. It allows me greater efficiency to…

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Building a company with the right values

By Hazrul | Feb 5, 2017

To determine the company’s success, it’s not the technology or the team you assemble that matters most. Having built 4 businesses before and being part of 3 startups, my observations and experiences have made me discover that a company’s values are what will make a company successful. As an employee, one might not care about a…

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Malays represented as President, or a President that represents all?

By Hazrul | Sep 16, 2016

Several years ago I shared how the government would back a Malay candidate for President after Nathan. The 2011 PE was an all Tan affair. However, the recent EP Commission has made clear the government’s intention of a minority president from time to time. Traditionally, Speakers of Parliament would likely be proposed as presidential candidates.…

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Rezkii Web 1.1 (Apam Balik) Launch

By Hazrul | Jul 29, 2016

Rezkii Web 1.1 (Apam Balik) Launch Deck from Hazrul Jamari At 3.15pm today, we launched Rezkii Web 1.1, codenamed “Apam Balik”. I’ve created a culture in my tech team, whereby whenever we launch something, we make a big deal out of it. It’s always a show, no matter how small. This is really a minor…

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Proud moment for my team to launch

By Hazrul | Jul 15, 2016 is an iCommerce product, providing merchants with seamless shipping and returns service. It is pre-integrated into Rezkii, our WooCommerce SaaS, and only our shipping method can be used. We take care of forward shipments via our merchant websites as well as providing them returns services for selected clients. My team spent a month building…

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Pricing Intelligently

By Hazrul | Nov 24, 2015

Pricing is the entire business. If you don’t get pricing right, your business will not make it. I’ve often been told, Hazrul – you are expensive. Perhaps I’ve worked with Chinese companies for quite long. I think it’s ridiculous to price lower just because I’m a Malay. It makes no sense. Why is there a…

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Lessons to ensure success for mobile payments in SE Asia.

By Hazrul | Nov 1, 2015

A few years ago, I joined my friend’s company to build a mobile payments solution for in-app payments in games. We were pretty much pioneering that space in SE Asia and had at the time secured Series A funding from Singtel and Stream Global. However, eventually the company didn’t make it. Go down to the base…

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