A public declaration of love

I am not someone who typically blogs about my personal life, and if anything, my most mentionable public displays of affection are on Facebook, where if anything, the perspectives are private. I am someone deeply driven by love. I do things because I love doing them. And most of all, because I am in love.

Those who know me, especially my siblings, would know the destructive nature when my heart was crushed before, many years back. It took a long time coming for me to find the one true love who has captured my heart 4 years back. And despite the trials and tribulations we have faced together, of the many challengers for her or me that came by, eventually, we always stay together.

Each one that came was a bigger test than the last. And I let Allah decide if this was for me. When I was astray, I know that she had every reason to leave me. Very good reasons to, and at the end of the day, she still came back. It was my last test and I have tempted fate at least 3 times just to ensure that this is what Allah has in store for me.

Every time, she came back.

It was then that I realised, and felt his blessings and grace, that this is what He has chosen for me. I want her, I really do. I love her extremely. And I took the courage to tempt fate, at the risk of a broken heart, and she came back.

When faced with challenges that I did not create and control, I persevered for her. She asked me to promise that I would. And yet, despite the challengers that had the audacity to challenge my fate with her, she still chose me.

Sayang, I dedicate this to you.

Mohabbatein of a star and her sky

4 summers ago, a breath of fresh air whizzed past
The branches rustle and the birds sing
It made me smile alas
And my heart a-glowing

If I could describe how I feel
Or figure what made me love her
I can only say that it was God's will
That joined us together

An unexpected twist of fate,
God willed and I took it by the scruff
Finally finding my soulmate
Someone I want who reciprocated my love

You, my joy who made me tear
Whose fragance like milk and frangipani
Your heart I conquer
The desire of men a-many

4 summers long, I spent with you
Alive my senses feel
Your love for me forever true
No man shall ever steal

Jaan. Your heart cures when I'm here
Joy together. Miserable apart.
Praise Allah, the Creator
Alhamdulillah for the Mohabbat

My children who will one day read this. When you grow up, remember how much I love your mother and how much she loves me. Never find someone whose love cannot match the one I hold for your mother. And love as much as your mother does for me.

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