Hazrul Azhar Jamari

Geospatial E-Commerce & Fintech

I’m a family man, entrepreneur, software engineer, and foodie, and have been building startups all my life. I have gone through a complete cycle of E-Commerce from training, building online and mobile e-store, building payment gateways and building a fulflllment and distribution system throughout my career.

Career Highlights

  • 2002. Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Information Technology specialising in E-Commerce.
  • 2007. Founded a digital agency building E-Commerce and fintech platforms for Euro clients.
  • 2009. Founded iAlif, a geospatial project providing islamic info near you.
  • 2010. Founded the Singapore WordPress User Group.
  • 2011. Led an engineering team building a payment gateway for a Singtel funded startup.
  • 2014. Founded a WooCommerce-based SaaS company.
  • 2016. Founded a logistics startup serving clients like Amazon and Taobao.
  • 2017. Founded a Halal-only food delivery platform in Singapore.
  • 2018. Led an engineering team building a Halal lifestyle super app with its own QR payment system.
  • 2019. Founded DevSG, a Telegram group where SG Engineers/Devs congregate and ask technical questions.
  • 2019. Founded an E-Commerce Consulting practice.
  • 2019. Converted to a Product Manager and building an e-logistics operations platform for Janio

For a full CV, visit my LinkedIn. Or see a curated list of my tech community involvement.

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